Life Management For Busy Parents

Kid Care Concierge is a personalized and exclusive concierge service firm,
establishing a harmonious work-life balance for busy families.

Kid Care Concierge brings the best child care services to your home, assisting your children in their daily activities with quality care in mind.


Educational experts trained to meet the learner’s individual academic needs. Offering tutoring, test prep, study skill training & more.

family life management

Kid care assistants manage your children’s busy schedules by organizing play dates, running errands and managing homework & activities.

parenting resources

As experts of child development, we keep abreast of the latest research and share that information and more with our clients.

a b o u t u s

Created by a working mother of two children, Kid Care Concierge provides quality childcare and life management services for busy families by assisting children and teens with their daily activities.

Our expertise in child development psychology, education and effective organizational project management allows us to provide essential and convenient services for well-balanced families with children of all ages and stages of development.