August 14, 2015

About Us


About Us


Kid Care Concierge brings the childcare and life management services to your family by assisting your children in their daily activities with quality care in mind. An essential service for a well-balanced family, we combine our expertise in child development psychology, education and an effective organizational paradigm to your children. Our mission is to provide an exclusive concierge service for busy families. As a parent’s concierge service that introduces high-quality care and convenience to the lives of busy families, Kid Care Concierge caters to all ages and stages of development.

Our CEO, a busy working mother of two children, found it virtually impossible to achieve work life balance before Kid Care Concierge.  Prior to forming KCC, she worked 20-hour days in an attempt to be everything to everyone.  Needless to say, it was impossible to run a company while being an active and engaged mother and wife.  Her life was so imbalanced that ABC studios flew out a time management expert from across the country to help her manage her lifestyle.  It was not until she leveraged her expertise in education, parenting, psychology and business to form Kid Care Concierge that she restored harmony to her once chaotic household.  Now, she lives a balanced, guilt free life and is able to run her business, spend more quality time with her family and still be class mom at the children’s school.

We are a single firm that will cater to all of the family’s child-rearing needs, aiming to maintain harmony in the household by creating a better work-life balance for clients and their children.  We provide flexible care to fit the family’s schedule and increasing quality interactions between the parent and child through assistance with daily tasks. Our entire staff is dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients, offering strategic solutions and delivering the best care in order to provide them with more freedom to enjoy life, work and family.