Welcome to our blog!  We hope you’ll enjoy the stories, resources and inside glance of the life of the happenings within our company and the personal lives of our CEO, admin team and growing crew of interns.

Kid Care Concierge

We’re a quickly growing company of passionate professionals dedicated to helping families find work-life balance by managing their family life.  Every day at KCC is unpredictably fun, exciting and a chaotically organized adventure.  We hope that you’ll enjoy the ride!

CEO Life

I’m a busy mom, educator, mentor, entrepreneur and everything else that my family, staff and friends need.  I’ll share how I balance running businesses, my life and the lives of everyone else in my path.  You’ll also hear varying perspectives from my wonderful team that helps me keep everything in balance…well sort of!


Admin Life

We’re a dedicated, close knit team addicted to incorporating our company culture in everything that we do.  Not only do we conquer all of the day to day tasks that other admin teams “do” and help our CEO achieve all of her ambitious goals;  we also make sure that there’s a full stock of caffeine on deck at all times!  Duty calls 24/7 and we always deliver.

We hope you’ll enjoy a sneak peek as we provide our overwhelmed clients find the balance they need – like yesterday, direct our life management crew as they run errands for busy execs, babysit for date nights, prep kids for the science project that they remembered at the last minute and every/anything else that’s thrown our way.

Intern Life

Where do we begin???!?? We’re a team of focused and eager HR, PR, Business and Education newbies starting our professional careers in a mentoring program where you get first hand experience and only have to make coffee for yourself.   There’s never a dull moment when the creatives, thinkers, doers A.K.A. Interns get together for our daily #KCCThinkTankMeetings. Together we collaborate  to add our twist to easier routes for errand runs, what to do with kids while babysitting on date nights, and promoting our brand after we’ve helped make the coolest volcano at the science fair.

Kid Care Concierge is more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle that gives the extra push to success. Working together with the CEO, Admin Team, and peers will give you the experience and growth needed, after all, working with kids isn’t so bad. Stay tuned for are most recent updates and programs that are soon to launch. (It was our idea!)