Father’s Day is right around the corner and what a better way to celebrate your father than by making him a homemade craft! Here are some quick and easy Pinterest inspired DIYs that we made ourselves!

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HOOKED ON DADDY. This DIY is for the child that loves painting. Super fun and simple and will definitely make your father smile when he see how adorable this DIY is.


  • Paint brush
  • Black marker
  • Construction paper
  • Yellow paint (sun)
  • Blue paint (waves)
  • Green paint (seaweed)
  • Paint color of their choice for the fish and the mouth


  1. Use blue paint to create waves half way through the paper.
  2. Paint green lines on the bottom of the page to create the seaweed.
  3. Place the paint of your child’s choice on the palm of their hand and place it on the paper to create the fish.
  4. While the bottom half is drying, have your child create a sun on the top of the paper.
  5. Once everything is dry, use red paint to create the fish mouth.
  6. Take the black marker to make a dot for the fish eye and the hook.
  7. Write a special message for your father and tell him how much you are hooked on him.

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THE BEST DAD I EVER SAW. This gift is a simple DIY and only requires five supplies and takes about 10 minutes to achieve!


  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate
  • Black marker
  • Construction paper


  1. Cut out a blue circle using blue construction paper and glue it to the middle of the paper plate
  2. Cut out the saw with construction paper by having one side with zigzags creating the sharpest part of the saw
  3. For the handle, use black construction paper and cut out a rectangle.
  4. Take the rectangle and make an opening.
  5. Glue the handle to the saw and glue the whole saw on top of the blue circle.
  6. Using a black marker write ‘Best Dad I Ever Saw!’ or create your own special message for your father.
  7. Add whatever you would like to spice up your present and make it unique and your own!

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YOUR #1 FAN. This project is a fun and easy DIY to do for the sports lover! Depending on what your father watches or plays, you can make any type of sports ball. (For this example, we will be creating a football!)


  • Scissors
  • White construction paper
  • Any color paint for the message
  • Tape (masking tape or painters tape preferred)
  • Brown paint (paint color varies depending on what sport is chosen)


  1. Start of by putting pieces of tape on the white construction paper to create the lines for the football.
  2. Once the tape is placed, put brown paint on the bottom of your child’s foot.
  3. Then place your child’s foot where the tape is placed creating the football
  4. Carefully remove the tape to create the nice crisp lines that would make the football.
  5. Finally write a sweet message to your father telling him why you are his #1 fan!
  6. Add any additional designs to the canvas!

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Make sure to hashtag #KCCDIY on social media, so that we can see all your creations!



KCC Staff