Working families really do run double lives. Work-life is sandwiched between home-life everyday, and somehow you try to keep both separate. But sometimes you end up blending the two because you think you can read over a new contract while you finish making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich—granted, you’ve done it before.

There are certain tasks that we as human beings must complete everyday in order to remain sane. Even when there is no time, try to make time for these five simple tasks in order to have a great morning.

  1. Stretch when you wake up. When your alarm blares in your ear five minutes too early, take a moment and just lay there. Wiggle every part of your body and take three deep breaths. Before you get out of bed give each muscle a deep, purposeful stretch. You can then begin your day. Oh and don’t forget to make your bed!
  2. Eat a small nutritious breakfast. If you know you will be running late before you even wake up in the morning, pack your breakfast the night before so that it is easy to grab on the go. I like to put a variety of nuts in a ziplock bag and accompany them with either a yogurt or a large piece of fruit. The natural sugar will give you a boost to start your morning and the protein will keep you focused. If your affliction is caffeine, try to get it in your system as soon as possible. This will give you that extra kick you need when you are begging everyone to get out of the house on time.
  3. Stay hydrated during the day. If drinking eight glasses of water per day seems as serious a task to you as it is to me, don’t worry. My secret is a 32 ounce, bpa free water bottle that I keep full at all times throughout the day. I find myself actually reaching for if more often and taking larger sips because I know it is there and I want to finish it. Once I have finished one usually during the first half of my dayI know all I have left is one more bottle. It makes drinking 64 oz. of water a little bit easier.
    • Tip: Squeeze a whole lemon into your water for extra antioxidants, flavor, and a metabolism boost!
  4. Take breaks at work. It is important to work in intervals. Taking a five minute break every two hours is not going to make the office think you are lazy. Be sure to break up your day into manageable chunks and take some time to walk around or chat with a neighbor. If you have to work through lunch try to take at least 10 minutes to sit without working. You will be more productive using this approach and your mind will work more freely.
  5. Spend a few minutes with family before bed. Coming together in the living room or at the kitchen table is a great way to recap the day and stay connected in each other’s lives. If you didn’t have time for a family dinner, this can almost make up for it. Try to have each person reflect on a few good things that happened during their day.

Doing these five simple things each day can help tone down the crazy during your week. If you have any tips from your own life let us know in the comments! We love hearing your life tips and tricks too.