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About kid care concierge

Overwhelmed. Guilty. Sound eerily familiar? You're not alone.

Toys everywhere.  The business line constantly ringing in the home office.  The blaring sound of a screaming newborn demanding to be nursed.  An active but under-engaged toddler fighting nap time.  Boxes on the to-do lists never getting ticked.

A guilty mom, overwhelmed and trying to balance it all. That described the daily life of our CEO, Natasha, before she founded Kid Care Concierge. 

 We “get” your life.  That’s why we’re a personalized and exclusive service; establishing a harmonious work-life-family balance for busy families.

Our Story

 By the time Natasha’s children were school aged, her work-life balance was so out of whack that she was “surviving” off of three hours of sleep per night while spending the other twenty-one hours working a full-time job, running two businesses of her own and taking care of her family.  Running in circles, like a hamster on a wheel, she was trying to be the “perfect mom”. 

At the time, no one let her in on the secret that no such perfect parent exists. So, in addition to working the three jobs, she’d prepare allergen-free, organic, and balanced scratch-made meals, shuffle kids back and forth to school and activities and provide daily help with homework.  

The level of chaos that parents oftentimes experience is not only nonproductive, it’s downright unhealthy.  Natasha works to ensure that her clients enjoy the balanced life that they deserve.  

ABC’s Diane Saywer and her team caught wind of Natasha’s chaotic life.  They immediately sent producers and their cameras to follow her around for three days to document her daily activities as a representation of the working mother’s role in today’s busy family.   Her interview with Good Morning America’s Amy Robach was featured on the nationally syndicated show, The World News, and received a swift, mind-boggling response of support from fellow overwhelmed parents around the world.

Natasha, a published author and Goldman Sachs small business program graduate, realized that she needed to create a complete solution to manage the chaos of family life, not only for herself, but also for all of the other parents that suffered from the work-life imbalance that had become the new normal for the modern family. 

In 2014, the former babysitter and nanny, leveraged her advanced graduate school training in educational and school psychology, close to two decades of experience working in schools with students ranging in age from newborn to adults, along with over 10 years business experience leading educational service firms across four states to form Kid Care Concierge.

kid care concierge | OUR Core Values


We understand that our clients are overwhelmed. We strive to provide balance and harmony.


We are committed addressing the individual needs of clients by being flexible and understanding.


Our clients trust us with their families and homes. Safety and discretion are top priorities.  


We provide the highest level of service by being open and honest. We will always put the client first. 

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