It’s 4 a.m and the baby monitor in your bedroom bursts to life thanks to the hungry baby in the next room over. Oh, you haven’t heard? 3 hours of sleep is the new 8 hours of sleep. Don’t stress, there’s a way to skip the tired fumbling around in the dark as you struggle to get a bottle of formula together. How you ask? Imagine a Keurig for babies where formula mixes with pre-heated water and drips directly into a bottle, the three products listed below do just that. I’ve listed the pros and cons of each machine and attached a link where you can purchase them but before you make up your mind let’s get into the Battle of the Baby Formula Kuerigs:

  1. BabyBrezza

Place your favorite powdered formula in the top compartment of the BabyBrezza, indicate if you want to make 2,4,6,8 or 10 ounces and in about 10 seconds the preheated water tank will deposit the perfect amount of water mixed with baby formula into any bottle of your choice. Sounds perfect, but don’t be too hasty because there are some cons that you should consider before purchasing. One con being that you can’t control the water temperature; sure the water is already set to a “perfect” temperature, but what if my perfect isn’t your perfect? Another con seems to be that the interior of the machine will get dirty quickly and requires regular cleaning.


  1. Born Free

Following the same concept of the BabyBrezza the Born Free features a top compartment for formula and a bottom compartment for water, but once again this water temperature is not adjustable. However unlike the BabyBrezza Born Free allows you to make 2-10 ounces, features a smart scale, has auto-shut off and glows in the dark. You read that right. The Born Free glows in the dark. The last thing a crying baby needs is to suddenly have harsh lights upset them even further which makes the Born Free the light at the end of the tunnel, the light in the dark, shining bright like a diamond and all other light related sayings wrapped up in one.



  1. Gerber Babynes

I saved the “best” for last and put best in quotations because the Gerber Babynes could either be your wildest dream come true or your worst nightmare. The Babynes follows a different design from the previous two, instead of choosing your own formula the Babynes has K cups of premade formula for baby’s changing needs at 1,2 3-6, 7-12, 13-24, 25-36 months as well as one called “soothe” to calm a fussy baby.

The nightmare to some parents might come with how technologically advanced the Babynes is, with advanced filtration, adjustable heat temperature, one click capsule buying on the special Gerber Babynes app that can also track the baby’s nutrients, growth and feeding times. If this machine seems like the millennial mom’s dream come true you might want to consider the major draw back of not being able to choose your own formula and being at the mercy of the K-cups. The website says the cup were made with breast milk “in mind” and didn’t list any ingredients.



Is this the future of baby formula? Would you purchase one for your baby? Personally the technology of Gerber’s Babynes is calling my name and yet I don’t know if I could look past the K-cups. My winner of the Battle of the Baby Formula Keurigs is Born Free. That being said, if somehow the Born Free’s choice of formula, smart-scale and glow in the dark features combined with the Babynes’ updated technology it would be the clear winner. Until that happens (if it ever does) I’ll stick with the Born Free.

KCC Staff