• Tips for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

    We put together a few tips to ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy!   EDUCATE YOURSELF. Whether this is your first or fifth child, educating yourself on what’s to come during pregnancy and labor is key. Pregnancy education can come from a book or even a class. There are different classes that will get you […]


  • Your Beginner’s Guide to Mommy and Me Yoga

    Mommy & Me Yoga

    Yoga can be a great way to relax, increase self awareness, and improve flexibility. Kids’ minds and bodies are so active during the day and rarely do they take time to calm themselves and find inner peace. Introducing yoga into their daily routine can give you and your child a chance to do something beneficial […]


  • 4 Fun, Festive 4th of July DIY’s!

    Do you love making themed DIY projects? Well, we had a blast making these 4th of July DIY’s at KCC! They are easy and can be used with craft supplies that are already in your home. We hope you have as much fun as we did making these festive 4th of July crafts!!