• “On-The-Go” Lunches: Kid Approved

    Getting three or more people ready in the morning is probably the most stressful part of your day as a parent. Sometimes you may even forget to pack lunch for your kids or you might not even have anytime time to. Here are some kid approved quick lunches you can pack the morning of or get ready the night before. You can also cut some time by pre-cutting and storing some lunch staples like melon or carrots. Meal prep containers can be found online for quite a steal and they make bringing lunch easier and more fun! (more…)


  • Hands on Learning: Why It Matters!

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    Constructivism is an educational learning theory that suggests that students take in new information and connect this new information to prior knowledge. Students will question and construct new meaning for themselves when they make connections between new information and prior knowledge. Educators and parents often follow this learning theory by presenting children with many hands-on learning experiences. This student-centered approach focuses on the questioning, critical thinking, and problem solving of students in order to create that new meaning on their own. There are many learning theories that focus on the idea that students must experience hands-on learning in order to process new information on their own. Many believe that it is through a child’s own questioning that they learn the most, especially in the world of science.



  • Summer Brain Drain

    Summer slide, which is also referred to as summer brain drain, is a phenomenon that commonly occurs amongst non-stimulated school aged children over the summer vacation. T5629710962_5bfd52589c_zhe brain is muscle that needs to be constantly exercised to maintain optimal performance. During the summer months, many parents used to opt to give the children a break in order to recharge their batteries for the upcoming school year. This break in learning can have a detrimental affect on the upcoming school year; whereby, students may loose up to three months of previously acquired knowledge. A balance of both has proven to be ideal for students during summer break. Parents can “leave it to the experts” and enroll their child(ren) in an educational summer camp or they can capture teachable moments to implement their own summer curriculum. (more…)