• Homemade Ice Cream

    If you have ever wanted to make homemade ice cream but didn’t think you had the right tools, it turns out, you do! This easy recipe makes a simple vanilla ice cream, but you can add other ingredients to make different flavors. The whole process takes about 7 minutes!

    Ice Cream



    Ice Cream Recipe



  • Hands on Learning: Why It Matters!

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    Constructivism is an educational learning theory that suggests that students take in new information and connect this new information to prior knowledge. Students will question and construct new meaning for themselves when they make connections between new information and prior knowledge. Educators and parents often follow this learning theory by presenting children with many hands-on learning experiences. This student-centered approach focuses on the questioning, critical thinking, and problem solving of students in order to create that new meaning on their own. There are many learning theories that focus on the idea that students must experience hands-on learning in order to process new information on their own. Many believe that it is through a child’s own questioning that they learn the most, especially in the world of science.



  • Tips for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

    We put together a few tips to ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy!



    Whether this is your first or fifth child, educating yourself on what’s to come during pregnancy and labor is key. Pregnancy education can come from a book or even a class. There are different classes that will get you prepped on ways to have a successful labor. These classes will sometimes include ways to boost your confidence, relaxation and meditation techniques, breastfeeding and healthy lifestyle. Also, be aware of any past medical history or problems with past pregnancies to make sure that this one can be perfectly smooth.



    Most women want to try to maintain their pre pregnancy baby weight, which is why tracking your weight is a crucial step. With that being said, tracking your weight can be very simple, especially if overeating is a common problem you face. Consult with a doctor to get more information on ways that suit your lifestyle when it comes to tracking your weight.



    A simple exercise that can be helpful in making the journey of delivery a tad smoother are kegels. Kegels support your bladder, bowels, and uterus to help strengthen your pelvic muscles. These exercises can be done anywhere while watching television on the couch to working out.  Aside from kegels, exercising will make you feel better while releasing endorphins and relieving any stress or anxiety that you may have. Staying active during your pregnancy, will help you increase the blood flow and give you a natural healthy glow. If you exercise on a daily basis while pregnant, you will be able to achieve your pre-pregnancy body a little bit quicker postpartum.



    Fruit helps so much while being pregnant.  There are so many pros to eating fruit on a daily basis (and even while not pregnant).  Now that it is summer time, mangoes aren’t just delicious but healthy too. Check back for more on what types of fruits to eat during pregnancy!



    Taking prenatal vitamins is essential during pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins contain different key nutrients compared to multivitamins. You can find calcium, iron and folic acid in prenatal vitamins.  Some other vitamins and minerals that can be found in prenatal vitamins are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, copper, on zinc. Like anything else, consult with a doctor before taking the plunge with prenatal vitamins. They can be subscribed by a doctor or purchased over the counter. Don’t take prenatal vitamins if you are not pregnant.


    Some of these tips can be used even before pregnancy. Don’t forget to consult with a doctor before using any of these tips. KCC wishes all of our expecting mothers a happy and healthy pregnancy!