• The Road Not Taken


    What does a published chemist have in common with a crafting enthusiast? A philanthropist with an ambitious young professional? An honors student with a new member educator for a sorority?


    Maybe this sounds like a trick question, but it’s not. All of those people… are me! As I wrap up my college career, something that strikes me again and again is how often you can form connections between different aspects of your life. At one point in school, I was a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry major. I worked in a laboratory, culturing bacteria and studying growth curves. I’ve run student organizations and made amazing connections with alumni. This past summer took me to Stamford, Connecticut as a Human Resources Intern. Working within Organization Development exposed me to many other touchpoints such as marketing, corporate affairs, and diversity and inclusion.


    As I move into each new role, what excites me most is how relevant I find all my past experiences to be. How could I set up a framework to support an Employee Resource Group at my summer internship? Why not refer back to my sorority, a national organization that excels in bringing out the best in women all over the country? When thinking about the ways an organization or company promote themselves and encourage continued engagement,  I could simply look back to my past in a student-run non profit organization. Although seemingly unrelated, I would not trade in any of my past experiences. They have allowed me to find connections between so many of my varied interests, And, at the end of the day, that is what Human Resources is about – forming connections.


    Which brings me here, to Kid Care Concierge. What attracted me to this internship was the focus on growth and development, something I had found in all my past roles and appreciated immensely. After all, that’s how I stumbled onto so many paths in the first place. And even in this first week, I not only appreciate all the new skills that I know I will learn, but I also see how my past experiences will relate. Combining all of my perspectives – the philanthropist with the new member educator, the data analyst with the relationship builder – will continue to push me as I take on new challenges.


    So as I reflect back to all the paths I’ve crossed over the past year, I realize I never chose one of the two paths. Instead, I trusted myself as I forged my own unique path, which led me to places I never would have imagined. And who knows? Perhaps someday, my path will cross back with the others in the most unexpected way.


    Comment below with any questions or to share your journey with us!


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  • Hands on Learning: Why It Matters!

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    Constructivism is an educational learning theory that suggests that students take in new information and connect this new information to prior knowledge. Students will question and construct new meaning for themselves when they make connections between new information and prior knowledge. Educators and parents often follow this learning theory by presenting children with many hands-on learning experiences. This student-centered approach focuses on the questioning, critical thinking, and problem solving of students in order to create that new meaning on their own. There are many learning theories that focus on the idea that students must experience hands-on learning in order to process new information on their own. Many believe that it is through a child’s own questioning that they learn the most, especially in the world of science.