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Many of our clients are executives or entrepreneurs in addition to being great parents.  We collaborate with corporate partners to make everyone’s life easier.  That’s the point of a great concierge service, right?  If your office is not one of our collaborative partners, contact our corporate office to discuss how Kid Care Concierge can increase productivity and decrease absenteeism in your office.

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Parents who have stable childcare are more likely to be better focused and engaged while at work. Compared to earlier decades, today’s parents are feeling rushed all of the time.

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An minimally engaged employee tends to make more mistakes and pay less attention to detail.   While an employee that feels supported by an employer is more likely to produce better results in the workplace.

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We can help you improve your company culture and increase productivity.  Kid Care Concierge will partner with your organization to manage the family life of your busy employees’; thereby, creating an atmosphere where your employees feel more balanced  at both work and home.


Contact our Business Support Office at, to learn how Kid Care Concierge will create a more parent-friendly workplace at your organization.