Some people may think that marriage is a joy ride that you just skate through on the foundation of love. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s more like skating on a natural pond with slushy spots rather than a freshly zambonied rink.

With that said – here are 5 light-hearted and silly compromises my husband and I have come to terms with in order to limit our “slushy spots”.

  1. TV shows

My husband and I have a lot in common and we love a lot of the same shows. However, we’re not always gonna love the same exact show. Now, while we do have two TVs, we still prefer to be in the same room. So one of us watches on the TV while the other watches on the iPad with headphones. This works best because we still get to snuggle together!

  1. Football

This one is a work in progress. We are both very passionate about football and thank goodness we love the same team. But like I said… we are both very passionate about football. The rule of the game is to try to yell as little as possible because we tend to work each other up. I swear –  it’s the refs fault, not ours.

  1. Cleaning

We each have our own preference when tidying up around the house. I like to pick up after him (strange, I know) and he likes to do the dirty work. And by ‘dirty work’ I mean toilets and by ‘likes’ I mean he does it because I literally dry heave while scrubbing even the cleanest of bathrooms.

  1. Food

I love spicy food, however, my husband is pretty sensitive to spice. He will actually sweat and breathe like a dragon the minute it enters his mouth. Because of this, we meet in the middle with some type of mild choice, which is usually still too spicy for him and not spicy enough for me. But hey, we all have to make sacrifices.

  1. Shopping

My husband, like most hubbys, does not like to go shopping for clothes. He doesn’t mind me looking at them, but would much rather have me just take them home instead of trying them on at the store because “I take forever”. So instead of waiting for me to see what fits and what doesn’t, he’d much rather go back to the store later to return the unwanted clothing. This makes zero sense to me, but he prefers it so there ya go.


These are just some little compromises we have made that works best for us and our “pond”!

What kind of compromises have you made in your relationships? Let me know in the comments!