Going to the movie theater with your family is always a big part of summer vacation. When it’s a rainy day, the next best solution is to always go see a movie. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out which movies are family-friendly and which aren’t. You think you have a pretty good idea, but at the same time, you’re lost. You want to pick a movie that both you and the kids will enjoy. Here are some of my recommendations for movies the whole family will love.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

The anticipated documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor is about the life and work of Fred Rogers, aka famed children’s entertainer Mr. Rogers. Common Sense Media says that it’s perfect for mostly older kids: “although the TV series is intended for preschoolers, this documentary is better for older viewers who remember the show but can handle the film’s somewhat heavier themes and occasional strong language” (Common Sense Media), and Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 99% score. The film is open in select theaters on June 8th.


The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 is another long-awaited chapter in the Disney-Pixar universe. It opened in theaters on June 15th, and Rotten Tomatoes has given it a 94% score. The film continues the journey of the Parr family as they adjust to balancing normalcy, as well as being superheroes. Beware of some violence, for it is a superhero movie. Common Sense Media says that it is perfect for all ages.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

It’s another summer of sequels with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. This one will be in theaters on June 22nd and picks up four years after Jurassic World left off. This time, the two leads have to journey to a distant island to save a fallen race of dinosaurs. This film is probably better for tweens and teens, as it is much more violent and intense than the original Jurassic Park series. Rotten Tomatoes has already given it a 60%.


Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade is Bo Burnham’s cinematic directorial debut. The film is about a quiet 13-year-old who is dealing with the end of the eighth grade and the start of high school. It’s a comedy-drama that deals with heavy topics like self-acceptance and fitting in. It’s highly anticipated and Rotten Tomatoes has already given it a 100% before it’s July 13th release. Best suited for older kids and teenagers.


Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin is about the boy from the hundred acres woods in his adulthood. In this film, Winnie the Pooh helps the adult Robin rediscover the joys of childhood. Common Sense Media says that this film is best for kids and tweens, but I think that all ages will enjoy it. In theaters August 3rd.


Happy movie going!