“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” (EE Cummings). Putting yourself out there and setting yourself up for rejection is always scary, but there’s nothing like the satisfaction you feel when that risk ends up paying off. Applying to an internship then being told you were accepted is similar to jumping into the deep end of the pool when minutes ago you had floaties on. You feel like some horrible mistake was just made, are they sure I’m the best choice? What if they ask me do something I haven’t learned yet? What if I end up being terrible at my job? While this may seem a bit dramatic to some these were some of the thoughts I had when I was told was going to be a summer Public Relations intern at Kid Care Concierge.

Aside from not having much real world experience I was mostly nervous about my lack of “mommy” experience. How was I supposed to know what parents would find interesting on social media? I’ll never forget one of my first days on the job my boss said to me, “Say a parent has ten free minuets and needs to choose between taking a shower and reading something you wrote, how will you make them click on your article?” No pressure. I suddenly found myself frequenting so many mommy blogs that Facebook started recommending me diaper advertisements.

Thankfully my first week at Kid Care put all of my previous nerves to rest. Not only were my supervisors incredibly helpful and friendly they also had no problem taking the time to explain and demonstrate programs and websites I wasn’t familiar with. They checked in on me frequently and set me towards a specific goal but they also encouraged me to go off on my own, try everything and anything and see what I learn from it.

Continuing on in this internship my goals would be to learn how to not only think in a different mindset but also how to successfully reach out to that demographic on social media. In addition to that I am also eager to get my feet wet in a corporate environment and see if I would want to continue in a place similar to Kid Care Concierge in the future.

Thankfully for now I find myself in an environment that is rooting for my success and if I could tell myself from a week ago something it would be to relax… and also wake up a little earlier because you will severely underestimate how long it takes to get ready.

KCC Staff