Yes, business needs to get done but it shouldn’t always be about the hard pressed suits and the straight faces. No one wants to wake up in the morning and despise going to work 9:00-5:00, but that’s unfortunately what work can feel like. I’ve noticed more overall satisfaction working in business settings that express good company culture.

Feeling welcomed into a team from the start is the best way to succeed, whether being an intern or an employee. The importance of feeling more than just another head in the office or another name on the payroll is something that builds strong company culture. Being able to come into work and engage in conversation with coworkers allows everyone to feel as though they are an asset to the business and want to come to work.

Just because an employee has one job title doesn’t mean they are limited to that one task. The ability to recognize knowledge from multiple employees provides the best possible outcome for success. Think about writing an article, one employee is strong in statistical perspectives and another in more literature perspectives, separate they would make decent articles, but if they collaborated they would be able to produce an article outstanding all others.

Placing equal value on the job task and job community. Keeping a good balance between these two can be somewhat difficult but overall not impossible. Having everyone in the workplace interact with one another means implementing the idea that everyone has equal value. Communication used in this aspect should allow each other to help when a task must get done.

Never being afraid to talk and put ideas into the air for discussion. This ties into everyone having an equal sense of value to the company and to the other employees. Even the conversations during lunch hours can sometimes turn into ideas that can be used for public relations, human resources or even educational development.

Working in an open environment. Being able to be near one another helps if one may be stuck on a task and being in close distance to engage others into the task. Even setting up mini meetings can allow for open ideas and quick fixes among all areas of the company.

I’ve been taught multiple ways to practice this, while still learning even more considering the evolution of company culture. Communicating and laughing creates a bonding environment in which people feel more comfortable working together. The simplicity of saying good morning, bringing in donuts into the office or sharing something interesting from your night or day (while still keeping it business appropriate) are what creates a strong working team.