Are you looking for an exciting internship opportunity?

We’re a growing company that loves to help interns learn and grow.  We’re not hiring staffers to fetch coffee or just file papers.  We can do that ourselves.  Our respected interns not only sit in executive meetings; they oftentimes lead part of our team meetings.

Internship Opportunities

We are looking for current undergraduates or recent graduates that are will to participate in our part-time, unpaid internship program this fall. We are willing to work with applicants’ schools to provide course credit. Interns are required to contribute a minimum of 15 hours per week. Our office is located in Bridgewater, NJ.


Human Resources Intern

Our Human Resources Interns work as respected team members to help monitor job applicants, create and update job postings, assist in the interview and hiring process, and much more.

Public Relations/Communications Intern

Our Public Relations Interns work as respected team members to identify, meet, and evaluate social media efforts. PR interns run our various media platforms, coordinate marketing and advertising campaigns, update our company website, and much more.

Journalism Intern

Our Journalism Interns work closely with our Public Relations team to create press releases and spread word of our company through various platforms. Our Journalism Interns conduct research and write-ups as well as regular blog posts for our company.

Education Intern

Our Education Interns work closely with our tutors and administrative team to observe one-on-one tutoring sessions and classroom lessons to create personalized curriculum-based lesson plans for students. Education interns work as valued members of our administrative team. 

Marketing Intern

Our Marketing Interns assist the current staff in creating and maintaining marketing responsibilities such as logos and mediums (i.e. social media accounts, flyers, business cards, etc.), communicate with outside business personal, analyze current marketing efforts, and more. Marketing Interns work closely with our Public Relations team to assess, maintain, and improve advertising efforts on various media platforms.

Business Management Intern

We are seeking dynamic Business Management Interns to reach out to and actively engage with staff, business associates, and potential clients. Our Business Management Interns will work closely with various branches of Kid Care Concierge to create, improve, and evaluate advertising and marketing efforts. Ideal candidates think innovatively and work well in both individual and team settings.

Mobile App Intern

We are seeking a Mobile App Intern to help design, create, monitor, and improve a new app for Kid Care Concierge. Candidates must be able to independently create an Android app and constructively work from team suggestions. We are willing to take a candidate who can work either in person or remotely. Our Mobile App Intern must have excellent communication skills, especially if working remotely.

Office Intern

We are seeking an Office Intern to keep an organized agenda of interviews, meetings with clients, promotional events, and more. Ideal candidates possess excellent organization skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. As respected members of the administrative team, interns participate in weekly planning meetings and are expected to complete tasks and projects in their respective fields of study.

We’re a team of focused and eager HR, PR, Business and Education newbies starting our professional careers in a mentoring program where we get first hand experience. There’s never a dull moment when the creatives, thinkers, doers A.K.A. Interns get together for our daily #KCCThinkTankMeetings. Together, we collaborate to add our twist to easier routes for errand runs, what to do with kids while babysitting on date nights, and promoting our brand after we’ve helped make the coolest volcano at the science fair. Kid Care Concierge is more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle that gives the extra push to success. Working together with the CEO, Admin Team, and peers will give you the experience and growth needed, after all, working with kids isn’t so bad. We’re kidding; it’s amazing! Working to help children while learning about our intended careers is rewarding and fun. We’re having a great internship at KCC!




Natalie-Photo“I like how close we are and really get to work together as a team and by ourselves. It’s more hands on and a collaborative environment where we all make suggestions to make It’s not an internship where you are just a face in an office and run errands.”





Keyarah-Photo“I really enjoy the company culture here and the startup environment of companies in general. It’s really rewarding to see actual growth and engagement on social media. It’s nice to see everyone working together.” [/su_column]






“I love that I can shape the internship into whatever I desire and I can push myself as hard as I want . We are always working as a team, giving each other feedback and sharing resources. We have a great work environment that is relaxed and always comfortable. It is not what I expected from an internship, it’s better.”





“I love that we’re all involved and getting hands on experience. I like that as interns, we’re not just fetching coffee and running errands. By interning at Kid Care, we’re getting real world experience that we can use in the future.”





“I’m actually learning and working with other interns in their department, allowing me to learn about their tasks as well. We are all learn something new every day allowing us work together.”


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