Family Life Management

Kid Care Concierge will provide life management to your family by taking care of all of items on your parental to-do list.  Think of it as “outsourcing” your chores.  Our team will run errands, organize homework, assist with school projects and coordinate playtimes for your children.  We can also help plan, shop for nutritious and even prepare nutritious meals for your children while you’re at work or partaking in precious “me time”.  Kid Care Concierge staff can even organize the kids’ rooms so that it flows and is conducive to the learning process.  All services are offered a la carte or as a completely customized package, and can grow and shrink to fit the ever-changing needs of your family.


Our Chaos Coordinators are skilled in providing an optimal organizational paradigm for you and your family.  After observance and interviews with the client and family, our experts will custom design a system to help you enjoy a better work-life balance. 

Contact us to restore the harmony in your home.