Yoga can be a great way to relax, increase self awareness, and improve flexibility. Kids’ minds and bodies are so active during the day and rarely do they take time to calm themselves and find inner peace. Introducing yoga into their daily routine can give you and your child a chance to do something beneficial for your mind and body and set time aside for yourselves. These four yoga moves are beginner positions and will get you and your child into practicing yoga for even just 10 minutes a day.

1) Cow and Cow

Mother and daughter practice cow yoga position

Start on hands and knees. Your hips should be directly in line with your knees and your shoulders with your wrists. As you inhale, tilt your tailbone up and lift your chest forward and up. Let your belly drop low. Hold for five seconds. Next drop your head and tilt your tailbone in as you arch your back up to the sky to complete the cat position. Hold for five seconds. You can go in and out of cat and cow positions to stretch your neck and spine and warm up your body. 


2) Two Trees

Mother and daughter practice two trees yoga position

Stand side by side, with feet flat on the ground and toes pointed forward. Rest your hands on your hips. Bend your right knee and turning it outto the side, slide your right foot up the inside of your left leg and rest it against your calf or your thigh. Now reach your arms out to the sides and raise them up to the sky like branches, spreading your fingers. Stretch your arms as far as you can and hold for five seconds.  Bring your arms and leg back down and repeat with your opposite leg. Do three sets.

3) Frog Jumps

Mother and daughter practice jumping frog yoga position

Spread your feet a shoulder width apart, bend your knees and squat down so that your tailbone is near the ground. With elbows pointing out, press your palms and fingers together. Jump in the air as high as possible. Try your best to keep your hands pushed together. Be sure to return to a squat position when you land. Jump five times.


4) Cobra

Mother and daughter practice cobra yoga position

Start on your stomach. Line your palms up under your shoulders and press into the ground with your fingers spread wide. Keep your legs together and press them firmly into the ground as your push your chest up and away from the floor. Keep your arms slightly bent and do not lock them. Hold for five seconds. This pose will stretch out your spine and strengthen your core and arms.

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KCC Staff