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Schools + Corporations

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We bring expertise that adds value to your school, small business or corporation. Your organization thrives because we fill in the missing pieces.

Our programs are created, developed and overseen by experts in psychology and education.  We help schools meet their academic goals. Likewise, our corporate programs bring increased productivity and improved company culture to organizations.

Public + Charter + Independent Schools

Since 2005 we have been working with districts to provide high-quality educational programs to learners across all academic levels. Our individualized courses, programs and sessions reach learners where they are and challenge them to achieve academic goals.

research based and customized programs

What we do: 
Our staff will work at your site, the student’s home or other convenient locations to provide one-on one or small group tutoring during the school day, after school or during school breaks.  

We can help you comply:
We will meet the needs of exceptional students with IEPs, 504 plans, Service Plans, etc. Oftentimes, it is impossible to reposition your staff to service students with varying academic or social challenges.  Our team works with the districts’ Special Services department to ensure that students are receiving tutoring, intensive remediation and other programs required by their individual education plans.  

Kid Care Concierge also partners with schools to implement innovative courses, including everything from the curriculum to the staff.

Corporate Services

Many of our clients are executives or entrepreneurs in addition to being great parents. We collaborate with our corporate partners to make everyone's life easier.
That's the point of a great concierge service, right?

Increase productivity + decrease absenteeism

Why you need us:
Parents who have stable childcare are more likely to be better focused and engaged while at work. Compared to earlier decades, today’s parents are feeling rushed all of the time. 

A minimally engaged employee tends to make more mistakes and pay less attention to detail.   While an employee that feels supported by an employer is more likely to produce better results in the workplace. 

How we will help:
We can help you improve your company culture and increase productivity.  Kid Care Concierge will partner with your organization to manage the family life of your busy employees’; thereby, creating an atmosphere where your employees feel more balanced  at both work and home.

Contact our Business Support Office at, to learn how Kid Care Concierge will create a more parent-friendly workplace at your organization.

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