It’s summer time which usually equates to traveling time. The kids are out of school. Make a list of things that you absolutely need. Less is always more especially since most people usually come back with more than you left with in the beginning. You don’t need more than one jacket or too many cotton clothes those are easy ways to fill up your suitcase space. Follow these 3 simple tips to make your next packing experience organized and easy.

  1.   Roll don’t fold
  2.   Utilize Ziploc bags
  3.   Stick to essentials (seriously)

The “roll don’t foldIMG_0466” method is pretty common nowadays in terms of packing. It’s pretty simple, roll your clothes instead of the standard folding. Rolling allows for you to minimize the space your clothes take up in your suitcase. Rolling can also help you organize better. Many avid packers roll their clothes into outfits for specific days. So, 5 rolled outfits for a 5-day trip it’s as simple as that.

Utilizing storage bags can also be another way to minimize the space you are using in your suitcase. If the roll method doesn’t work for you, try packing your outfits in separate storage bags. You can also utilize smaller storage bags to hold toiletries, chargers, makeup, and  accessories together without getting them all tangled along the way.

Lastly, and probably the most important, make sure you are packing things that you absolutely need. Usually no, you don’t need “that extra pair of shoes just in case”, or your laptop (if it’s not a business trip of course). Don’t bring anything that is super valuable to you either. Live as a minimalist for your vacation. You’ll surely enjoy your experience much more this way. Also, by packing less you run less of a risk of forgetting things behind. Keep these steps in mind and enjoy your vacation without the pains of packing weighing you down.


KCC Staff