The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” could not describe the hiring process for human resources any better. One person could have an outstanding resume but then come into an interview and not at all live up to the wonders that were put on paper. In contrast, another person could have a subpar resume but express determination to do well during the interview and turn out to be a perfect candidate. So the question is, how do you go about narrowing down candidates and making the executive decision to hire them or not?

Agreeably, a resume is the first impression that is given to the human resources department, it is the basic foundation for moving on to the next step. The first aspect of a resume to look at is their experience and whether it is at all relevant to what they are looking to do with your company. If that lines up well then you can move onto evaluating the skills they used to perform previous tasks and what knowledge they obtained from these experiences. Also if they have obtained any leadership positions that show that they are a go-getter and willing to expand themselves to try and work on new tasks. This requires the ability to pay attention to detail and not overlook any spelling or grammatical errors. As well as closely reading their descriptions and skills to look for any repetition or things that bring up a red flag that might need to be addressed later on.

Because most of society revolves around social media accounts it can be helpful or even crucial to search this potential candidate (yes, companies actually do this) to get an idea of how they present themselves in social settings. There are multiple social media sites that circulate through society therefore, checking all of them is pivotal. For example, say this candidate has a clean Facebook and an impressive LinkedIn, portraying a good image. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that this candidate’s Instagram and Twitter are displayed in the same way, illustrating them totally different than what you may have thought. By doing this, it can really be the make or break of whether or not they would fit well within the company.

So now this candidate has made it this far and is coming in for an interview, which is where human resources really narrows down whether they are a good fit outside of their resume and cover letter. A big importance within Kid Care Concierge is a strong company culture, which is something the company as a whole believes to be a key to performing well. Whether this candidate can be a cultural fit within the company means asking questions like what are their career goals, why they picked your company and what their expectations would be if given the internship. Whether or not they ask relevant questions, have done their research and show professional enthusiasm during the interview also are key to predicting willingness to work and learn new things from this internship.

Time to lay out all of the pros and cons, keep in mind all key points and possibly even incorporate the team. Making the final call and sending out the offer letter is quite the process, which is why it can be time consuming for human resources, especially if there are more than one outstanding candidate. In the end, it is exciting to invite someone to join the team, allowing them to help out and being able to teach them what the business is all about and other experiences. Therefore with a proper and unbiased evaluation decision, the ending result will surely be a rewarding one.

KCC Staff