Your family’s safety is our top priority.


Taking great care of children is a serious business.  It is essential that we take time to really get to know who we have on staff.  Kid Care Concierge is not a matching service. We directly vet, hire, onboard, train and supervise our staff to prepare them to become skilled enough to present to your family.




Our 6-step interview process enables our team to meet with your prospective caregiver on several occasions in order to ensure that we get to really know our applicants.  Kid Care Concierge clients deserve the best and only the most dedicated candidates will survive this first phase of the onboarding process.Interview Process


Background check


A complete background screen is conducted so that our clients get to know who is being placed with their family.  This phase of the process verifies the information provided by the candidate during the initial interview.  Applicants submit at least 3 references, of which at least 2 are non-related & professional.

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trainingNew hires participate in a mandatory comprehensive orientation customized to their job responsibilities. Staffers attend a variety of seminars including (but not limited to) sensitivity training, CPR/First Aid, positive discipline, nanny training and nutrition awareness.  Ongoing training for tutors, sitters and helpers in the fields of child safety and development, special needs care and the latest trends in education are essential to ensure that are providing the best and most consistent care for clients.

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Kid Care Concierge works hard to protect your family every step of the way:  

  • Once hired, our staffers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your family’s privacy.
  • Our staffers are required to either wear identifying Kid Care Concierge apparel or visible company identification at all times.
  • You’re assigned your own account manager who is responsible for coordinating all of your services.  One person will get to know you and your family.  One person will schedule your tutor, sitter, plan the kids’ birthday party, laundry pick-up and the delivery of your groceries.  One person… and for once it doesn’t have to be you.