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Kid Care Concierge is a personalized family lifestyle management agency that establishes a healthy work-life balance for busy families.

Upon arrival to a hotel, the concierge greets you in the lobby and asks how they may be of service to you.  In turn, you run off a list of places you’d like to go and things that you will need in order to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.  The hotel concierge becomes your main point of contact and takes charge of coordinating everything on your behalf. You are then able to enjoy your stay without stress or worry. 

When you contact our office, you are connected to your very own Chaos Coordinator who similarly asks how they may be of service to your family.  Kid Care Concierge takes your family to-do list and happily coordinates the chaos within your busy family by scheduling our staff of sitters, tutors, errand runners, event planners, etc.  


Sitters + Nannies

care concierge

From babysitting to long or short-term care, all of our services are carefully planned and optimized to create a nurturing environment for each individual family.

Expert Tutors

Tutoring Concierge

Our private educators work with all learners and understand that each child learns differently.  Whether your child is struggling in school, looking to excel past grade level standards, or anywhere in between; we customize an educational program specifically for your learner.  

Do you want to bring the children when traveling for work or does your young entertainer need a traveling tutor?  Our team of traveling staff  accompany and “homeschool” school aged children.


Helpers + Errand Runners

Life Management Concierge

Providing life management services to your family by taking care of all items on you parental to-do list.  Think of it as “outsourcing” your chores.  Our team will run errands, shop for and prepare meals and so much more. We’re making it possible for parents to have it all; career, family time and grown up fun.  

let's get you balanced

We get it.  You're super busy.  Let's simplify things.

We understand that you’re busy and respect your valuable time.  Kid Care Concierge is an exclusive, personalized and luxury concierge service. We believe that your family deserves undivided attention from your very own Account Manager.

We specialize in providing balance to busy families.  So, we thought it was only fitting to call our Account Managers what they truly are, Chaos Coordinators, and boy do our happy, balanced clients agree.

Are you ready to cut the Chaos?

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How Does It Work?

1. Reserve Services

Reserve a service, or as many services as you’d like.  By completing the request form, you’ll tell us what your family needs. Your Chaos Coordinator will contact you to iron out the details.

2. Meet Your Team

We’ll work with you to assign your family a KCC staff member or a team of staffers, matching your family’s requests. Every SuperParent needs a Sidekick (or 3), so we’ll hand pick your Sitters, Tutors and Helpers.

3. Join the KCC Family

 Once you meet your team, services will begin. You will officially be a part of our KCC family!

Say hello to work-life-family balance. Chaos will be a thing of the past. 

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