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COVID hit the educational system like a ton of bricks.  Most schools and programs were in a frenzy, as this was unchartered territory… for them.  Understandably, many parents found themselves feeling frustrated, flustered and unsupported.  

Remote learning is not homeschooling.  They’re very different educational concepts.  By September 2020, most children will have missed at least 6 months of in-person instruction.  Undoubtedly, there will be skill gaps. It’s important that families invest their time and resources into a program designed with a clear understanding of how to address skill gaps.  

Remote learning is also very different from in-person instruction.  The successful virtual instructor requires a different skill set than the traditional teacher.  

Tutoring is different than in-class instruction.  A good tutoring program is research-based, individualized and student-centered.  Learning is different than memorizing.  All children do not learn in the same manner and academic leaders with experience working with diverse groups of learners; cognitively, culturally, and socioeconomically, consider such factors in creating solid academic programs.  

Now, more importantly than ever, parents must choose innovative educational programs with proven results. We piloted our first online tutoring program nine years ago and have been providing home instruction since 2007. 

Are you thinking about keeping your child home this school year and would like to make the transition seamless? Whether you need a tutor to help fill skills gaps from what they’ve missed  or a private educator dedicated to helping with virtual learning or homeschooling next year, we’ve got a solution unique to your situation. 

Each child learns differently. All of our programs are personalized for each learner. 

Our team has taught non-readers how to read, helped disadvantaged students gain entry into college, pushed gifted and talented middle school students to excel in college-level courses and helped special learners surpass IEP goals. 

We’ll get your children on track.  Book a free consultation to get started!



By the time baby #1 was 15 months old, she was pregnant with baby #2, running a new business from home full-time and attending grad school in-person, full-time.

Striving to have the best of both worlds, she regularly felt overwhelmingly frustrated, flustered and unsupported.

We know what it’s like to have to work from home while taking care of a family. 

 Our company was built by a working mom who chose to leave her career in public education and counseling to stay at home with her infant daughter. After a few months at home, she realized that loved being a stay-at-home mom but missed working with children and families. 

Passionate about educational psychology, but still wanting to be home with her child,  she started an educational consulting firm.    

Determined to help students succeed, the firm quickly grew from a tutoring program into a system that would help transform schools from failing to thriving. 

Committed to help busy families, she expanded the firm into a family life management agency with a mission of helping parents find balance.  

Long before WFH was a popular concept, Kid Care Concierge was helping parents balance work and family. Kid Care Concierge clients are no longer frustrated, flustered and unsupported. Their Chaos Coordinators make sure they are content, composed and supported.


Natasha founded KID CARE CONCIERGE so busy parents could cut the chaos with just one call.  That’s taken on a whole new meaning in today’s world. 

In addition to supporting families manage daily tasks, Kid Care Concierge is stepping up to the plate to help families navigate the new norm of remote learning, hybrid educational programs and the uncertainty that’s been cast over the traditional academic, social and emotional growth of youngsters.   

Safety is our first priority.  Instead of sending our team of dedicated professionals out to work during the peak of the pandemic, we made a conscious decision to protect the safety of our staff members and clients by halting in-person services until the peak flattened in our service areas. 

Still in uncertain times, we are assisting clients with increased and intentional safety protocols in place; providing online and contactless services, when possible. 

Take comfort in knowing that we’ll help your child learn and understand, no matter how long it takes.  Remote doesn’t have to mean subpar. Reserve a tutor.

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